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Transformation is not for the meek.
It costs time, money and pain.
Well planned strategy minimalises these costs.
But mistake goals and objectives for strategy at your peril.

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Strategy. Not 'what'. How.

Strategy IS NOT a list of goals & objectives.
Strategy IS a well-thought-out series of actions to get you there.

I have worked for global corporates. I have worked for myself. I have worked internationally for consultancies. And I have worked for some of the world’s most recognised and successful brands.

With all that under my belt, it is shameful to admit that most internally developed strategies end up being idealistic, unrealistic and impractical lists of goals and objectives presented in a muddled and undifferentiated way. Death by PowerPoint. Totally bonkers.

And the proverbial fan occasionally gets hit. When I joined the media department of a top global advertising agency, the media director who interviewed me boldly announced “This is a ZERO-mess-up agency.” Of course, he lied. And when I challenged him on it months later he just laughed, and said, “Yes”. “But shit happens!”

The purpose of this anecdote is that when it does hit-the-fan, you need a confident and creative problem solver able to meet challenges head on and deal with them pragmatically and calmly. You also need a Nimble Strategy that can be adjusted to accommodate change, because change is a constant. A great strategy is an asset that can make and save millions of pounds.

For 25 years I have helped businesses change with confidence. I have helped them face their worst challenges; embrace the New, and shape their future across sales, MarTech, IT, strategy, and change management,

By forging trusting relationships with your people and by listening to your Customers, your decision-making compass will be firmly on your Customers’ Experiences.

“Straight talking leadership with a signature dish of passion, creativity and collaboration; an interesting recipe”.

Want #SomethingBetter?

To be #SomethingBetter a business must be progressive; continuously improving to stay in the game.

There are many different KPIs. There are hundreds listed online. But you know your business best. You know what is important to it. And you probably have an idea of what good looks like.

So, if you are looking for #SomethingBetter, let’s get together. Let’s be bold, challenge the status quo and work to move the needle.

Collaboration, shared experiences and debate will help your business achieve, #SomethingBetter.

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In the 1930s, Japanese businessman Sakichi Toyoda, founder of Toyota, coined the phrase Kaizen as the philosophical concept of continuous improvement; Kai “improvement” and Zen “good”.

Kaizen applies small, incremental changes, routinely and maintains them over a long period of time, resulting in significant benefits for business. The Toyota System had metrics geared on improving quality, technology, processes, company culture, productivity, safety and leadership, which resulted in faster delivery, lower costs, and greater customer satisfaction.

Your important metrics, your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), will probably be different.

12 building blocks

for successful transformation

vision & strategy

Know your customer. Understand before you can be understood. Customers will signal what they want. Allow me to uncover your vision and design a nimble-strategy for your onwards roadmap

complex problem solving

Problem solving is an art. Creativity and pragmatism are both required to secure best results. Allow me to clarify the burning issues and translate them into a series of events for a better future

new target operating model

Change is the only constant and ambiguity is the only certainty. Allow me to help you shape new ways of working with staff, customers, partners and stakeholders to improve efficiencies and realise new profit

customer experience compass

Customer experience (CX) is the leading light to success. Allow me to share proven big company tips & tricks to keep your eye on the prize and your compass fixed on your customer

COVID-19 new norm

Conflict has been the catalyst for many great inventions beneficial to humanity. COVID-19 will be no different. Allow me to help you beat your competition to new ways of “doing business”

data & actionable insight

Not all data has value, and not all value is easy to get. Allow me to share ways of finding golden data you can take action on to make improvements wherever they’re needed – we call them Actionable Insights

day one

Often, Day One is the hardest activity to visualise. This is because it involves unusual labours to align stakeholders from all strata of your organisation. Allow me to be your Point-Man

assess & adopt new technology

Technology used to be a necessity. Now it is an enabler and the purse strings swing back and forth regularly. Allow me to help you review, identify, implement and configure new technologies to improve operations


Armed with vision, strategy, shopping list and change plan, it is time to pull them all together in a logical, efficient programme of activity. Allow me to help you to conjure up the roadmap visualisation of events

skills alignment

Successful adoption of change requires short-term skills that existing staff will not have. Allow me to support your team with the skills required to plan, implement and train your most valued asset

maintain & sustain value

Quick wins is the name of the game. Ensuring value is seen early in the programme is a crazy psychological booster for everyone. Allow me to be the custodian of the nimble-strategy

transformation is not a thing

Transformation is a state of mind. The willingness to challenge the status quo. The curiosity to experiment. The strength to accept failure fast. The intellect to learn and move on

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Thank you for reading this far. In short, I believe that creativity and pragmatism are rare and much needed commodities when it comes to solving the toughest business challenges. Please arrange a chat to see how I can help you.

    “When I work with people everyone wants my job”.

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